Monday, 3 April 2017

The Good The Bad and the Beautiful

So , a couple of months back, I was asked to help with character designs on a short film production happening with StudioX called The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful. The story is pretty hilarious but they were very specific about the characters.

The Director, Allen Jo, gave me a rough setting with these and the challenge was to keep the shapes of all the characters in a U-shaped blob with slight variations for ease with modelling and other departments. The best part was I got to contribute to a vital part of the story with an interesting twist to the design of the damsel in distress. I'm very excited for the short to come out haha! Good luck Allen!

This is just half of the amount of explorations done before the final designs. Had a lot of fun!

Friday, 17 February 2017

A few moments in time

                                       #   Samurai kids teach you - How to get around any kind of wall

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Environments - An Eye for an Aye

Also worked on An Eye for an Aye story environments. A real struggle I must say. Really pushed myself to stay motivated and keep going with the environments.

I wanted the eagle's tree to feel like a pirate ship..

Started out with gouache and fixed some stuff in PS. This was real fun painting. 

These were the cages inside the tree from which the owls would be locked up and also the cages that the boy would use as steps to get to the top.

I think I died a couple of times doing this one.

Another piece I did was purely environmental with the boy crossing the tree bridge into the jungle.
The drawing perspective was pretty quick, but ideas for the background had me going crazy for a while.

Much respect to all you digital painters.  I realized its not easy after all :P

Days of Strife - A Tim Evatt Story

Did a lot of environments and props this last semester, taking a break from getting into too much characters, for a change..
Thanks to Tim Evatt for pushing me..

But then I couldn't resist an appealing character when I got the chance

 Really wanted to push myself and try this out traditionally. Was very frustrating and joyful at the same time!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Article on Gesture Drawing for ASIFA

My good buddy Win Leerasanthanah asked me to write an article on Gesture Drawing for ASIFA - The international association for film and animation.
Here goes:

Gesture drawing is a physical and mental experience, as real as the air we breathe. 
Figure drawing can be used to learn a multitude of things – forms, shapes, volume, perspective, anatomy, staging, composition, caricature, straights against curves, lighting and so many other ideas. Gesture drawing at its best is very subjective to the artist and should be treated as an outlet for immediate representation of your experience at that split second. It is about jotting down your reaction to the subject matter rather than copying what you see in front of you. Without that sincerity in expressing your experience, the drawings would be life-less and might not evoke the necessary emotion in the viewer.

Self-Expression versus Perfection

If you’re very much in control of the movement, by too much control you’re concerned about the execution. ” -Bruce Lee
One of the things that helped me realize the importance of self-expression was while listening to a Bruce Lee interview where he talks about martial arts: “If you’re very much in control of the movement, by too much control you’re concerned about the execution. ” The same...

Read more :

Friday, 2 December 2016

CTN Table T509

It's been an awesome time at CTN couple weeks back, thanks again to Disney for this wonderful opportunity. It really pushed me to make my first sketchbook for sale, and it was an amazing (but exhausting) experience, and the fact that people were interested in buying it was really encouraging.

This was a cropped piece I did for a full-environment earlier this month, which I thought was a good image for a cover page.

My table at CTN T-509 filled with prints, a Batman animation flipbook, the new sketchbook and a few batman bookmarks!

Thanks again to Matt Roberts and Kelsi Taglang and so many others at Disney!
More CTN pictures later! :)